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Sakib Enterprise

Sakib Enterprise our first venture.It was established on 1985. Sakib Enterprise mainly focus on trading business.We buy ferrous:-plates,gudder and angle from various ship breaking yard, we supply it to some semi-auto Re-Rolling Mill in Dhaka, Bangladesh by these ferrous they make rods and Squre bar. We also sell non-ferrous-Copper, Yellow Brass,Red Brass,Aluminium and Zinc to some of the factories in Dhaka.With Copper the factories make electric cables.Electic parts are made with Yellow Brass and Red Brass are use in making small propellers,these propellers are used in small local ships. Aluminium is used in making kitchen appliances.Zinc is used in coating irons to prevent it from rusting.Shahab Miah is the owner of the business and he handles all the operation by himself.

Shakib Ship Recycling Industry

The name of our ship breaking yard is Sakib ship Re-cycling Industries(SSRI).Chairman Shaheb Miah and Managing Director Sheikh Farid Sakib (son). In Chittagong,Bangladesh there is over 100 ship breaking yards covering 11 miles of sitakunda costal area.Our ship breaking yard is located on South Sitalpur,Lalbag,Sitakunda,Chittagong,Bangladesh.We started ship breaking from 2007 and we extract scrap from ships.Every year we extract nearly 40 to 50 thousand tonne of scrap.Till now SSRI manage to break over 30 discarded ships.SSRI maintain precautions regarding environmental issues as well as labor issues.We follow the guidelines given by the government.

Manti Steel Limited

Chairman Shahab Miah and Managing Director Zafar Ahmed(brother). Our Re-Rolling Mill is located in Middle Sonaichory,Sitakund,chittagong. In the year 2000 it was established.It is a semi auto Re-Rolling Mill. We produce 40 grade Iron Rods as well as Square bars.We have the capacity to produce 15000 tone of finish goods every year.We deliver products on time and we have created goodwill too as we are in this business for long term.

Manti Oxygen Limited

Chairman Shahab Miah and Managing Director Zafar Ahmed(brother). It is located in Middle Sonaichory,Sitakund,chittagong. In order to meet the increasing demand of oxygen gas in ship breaking industries, Manti Steel Ltd decided to start Manti oxygen Ltd in the year 2009. Our production capacity is 2 lakh cubic meter.We basically supply this oxygen to ship breaking yard for extracting ships.We maintain environment safety as well as labour safety too.

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